Bocage and hedges for 28mm and 15mm

imageHaving just purchased the D-Day box from Warlord Games I realised my lack of good 28mm terrain. Since this box is set on the western front I decided I needed some bocage and “normal” hedges. Shopping around the internet I found the existing products pretty expensive and I decided to make my own.

The base idea was to make a number of pieces that could be stacked together to make a long line of bocage. I also wanted to make it possible to create “T-junctions” with my bocage and even connect smaller hedges to these bocages.

This project took mE around 6h to complete but it could have been done faster. Since I had all material at home these were actually free, but I’d say it’s about 30€ to get the necessary material and then you could make way more than the 200cm I did.

I started up by cutting the base for the bocage. I used Masonite for this and made these 30cm long since 4 pieces then would cover the width of my gaming table. I made them 4,5 cm wide. The edges were bevelled some what using a sanding machine.


Next step was to add something to attach the foliage toad I chose a foam board for this. These are actually used as sound dampeners under wooden floors but I guess you could use cardboard as well. I glued to pieces together to get the width I wanted and I then cut the height a bit irregular. On this particular piece I decided to add a tree as well so I left an opening for this. The tree was an old tree for model railways and are really cheap. The good thing is that the base of the tree is separate which would ease storing. I glued the base of the tree to the Masonite.   I also glued some stones to the board


Next step was to add sand to the base. This was quickly done since there was no need to be careful. Everything was the spray primed black.


I chose some random areas to drybrush in grey or brown and i then used a liberal amount of glue mixed with water to cover the rest of the areas for flocking. Once again, there was no need to be careful since most would be covered in foliage anyhow. Then came the final stage – adding foliage. For this I used clump foliage in three different nuances and lots of super glue. Now, superglue is a nice product, but it’s expensive and it eats your brain like crazy. I quickly realised that I would be both bankrupt and braindead by the end of the projects so I tried hot glue instead.  Worked like a charm!



And with the tree added…


I will add more pictures of the finished result in my next post and also how I made smaller ones that would be normal hedges or 15mm bocage.


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