Bocage and hedges part 2

I also wanted a set of smaller hedges. These were made in the same way using Masonite and foam board. I made the bases 15x2cm and also about half the height of the bocage. Besides that, the process of making them was exactly the same. I made lots of gaps in the hedges, mostly to make each of them stand out a little, but also because I want them to represent rural hedges more than the well maintained hedges within suburbia.

These hedges also works perfectly as bocage for my 15mm soldiers. Dual use stores space!


Now for the final result. I wanted the possibility to create junctions. Because of the width of the foliage there is no need to special pieces.

I also tried to make each of them a little different to create some variety.

They also mix great with the smaller hedges and I must say I’m very pleased with the end result. Now I just need to make a few more…



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